Oats & Rice

Cashmere Accessories and Our Ethos

Explore more than a hundred designs, all made from premium cashmere yarn, sourced from the beautiful plateaus of Inner Mongolia! Our patterns are subtle and unique, the quality is second to none and there is plenty to choose from.

Low-carbon footprint and sustainable business model are at the core of Oats & Rice. We proudly follow the principles of animal welfare, and also take our packaging to the next level by using 100% biodegradable materials.

Early Autumn Top Picks

Recycle Your Old Cashmere

The almost worn out woollen socks, the cashmere beanie gifted by someone that is just not your cup of tea, we all have textile items that we probably would never use. Why not give them a chance and recycle into something you actually like? Recycle these unwanted yarns, give them a new colour with natural dye or spin a few different yarns together to form a new texture. You can use them to weave, knit or crochet. Make a rug, new bag or even comfy slippers. We are working with various textile artists to create beautiful patterns for promoting sustainable textile. Stay tuned for more and subscribe to our social media channels to be the first to know!