Cashmere shavers in-depth review

What a great day! You bought a beautiful cashmere scarf. You wear it everywhere. You snuggle in it and attend parties. It has quickly become your favourite piece of clothing. And one day you realise it’s not the same as when you first bought it. That fuzz that’s forming on your scarf is called pilling and it’s a normal occurrence in delicate fibres. But, how do you get rid of it? Here’s where cashmere combs and shavers come to the rescue. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular brands and their cashmere combs and shavers.

Why does cashmere pilling occur?

Firstly, let’s answer that question. Pilling occurs because of friction. Anything that rubs against cashmere contributes to pilling. This is because cashmere is a very fine and delicate material, making its fibres prone to breaking down due to force. This may sound scary, but after all, a lot of things cause friction. And different surfaces apply different forces. Even wearing your scarf causes it to eventually degrade. But you have to remember, that cashmere is a high-quality material, and to preserve it, you need to apply special care. When you properly care for your cashmere, it will care for you in return.

What should you do when pilling happens?

Most importantly, don’t panic, like we said earlier this is unfortunately normal. Next, you obviously want to remove the pilling from your cashmere clothes. Don’t use scissors, knives, razors, or any other sharp tools you may have at home. Cashmere is way too delicate for that. Such rough treatment will most likely result in you damaging the fibres even more. You should rely on specialised tools, mainly shavers and combs designed to treat cashmere. Using them is very simple. In the case of shavers, they are designed to cut the pilling and loose fibres from your clothes. With combs, you brush the pilling off, which then gathers on the comb ready to be disposed of.

So we know how to remove pilling, but is there a way to prevent it from happening again? The short answer is no. There is no way to fully stop pilling from occurring, but there are ways to reduce the amount and frequency of pilling. The simplest way is to let your garments rest from time to time. Give your fibres a bit of rest and they will naturally regain some of their lost strength. Next, wash them by hand using specialised cashmere wash detergents. We have an article comparing various brands of washes that you might want to check out.

Cashmere shavers comparison

The Steamery shaver is a  small and handy tool. Its shaving area is 5 cm and it possesses 6 precision blades for cutting the pilling and fuzzing from your clothes. It’s rechargeable and can be used while it’s charging. The battery life of Pilo No.2 is about 1 hour which is not very impressive, especially considering that it takes over 2 hours to fully charge. It comes with a USB-C charging cable and a cleaning brush which makes cleaning the shaver very easy. The price of Steamery Pilo No.2 is £55.

The Philips shaver offers a large surface area for increased speed of removing the pilling. It is not rechargeable and works on batteries making it less environmentally friendly. Just like Pilo No.2, the Philips shaver is suitable for even the most delicate garments. The design of the fabric shaver allows for the removal of pills of many different sizes. This shaver is a bit larger than the Steamery one. It does have a significantly lower price point, as it costs about £16.


When it comes to their performance, both shavers operate quite similarly, although the Steamery Pilo No.2 does seem to remove more pilling in the same amount of time as the Philips Fabric Shaver. Both shavers are unfortunately quite loud. The Steamery shaver is easier to clean, but Philips’ one has a larger space for collecting the cut pills. If you’re interested in a short video review of these two products, you can check it out here.

Unless you’re cleaning a large number of garments we wouldn’t really recommend buying electric shavers. They do require quite a lot of work to properly clean your clothes. Combs produce a similar effect but are so much easier to use.

This little cedar wood comb is a fantastic tool for removing pills from your delicate garments. The two fine metal mesh screens pick up pills with ease. Combing is an easy process and it quickly revitalizes the fibres, leaving you with clothes that feel as good as new. The retail price of The Laundresses’ comb is  £18,85.

The Clothes Doctor comb has the same small dimensions as The Laundress comb. This makes it just as great of a travelling companion. Its handle is made out of sustainably-sourced red cedar wood. It has very similar metal meshes on both sides of the handle. Although very similar, this comb has a lower price, retailing at  £14,50.


These two products look and feel very similar. There is a difference in these products when it comes to mesh density. Clothes Doctor’s mesh hole is smaller with 4 rows. The Laundress’s mesh hole is bigger with 3 rows. In our testing, we noticed that the Clothes Doctor’s comb gathers more pills when working on the same area with the same amount of strokes. Clothes Doctor’s comb gets bonus points for its paper packaging. Meanwhile, The Laundress arrives in a plastic bag. If you’re interested in a short video review of these two products, you can check it out here.

It’s important to remember that working with large surfaces makes it so that more and more time is spent on removing the pills from the comb, rather than on combing your garments.