How to choose the perfect cashmere shawls for a wedding ceremony

What do you usually have in mind when you think about wedding outfit accessories? A small and stylish handbag? Maybe a necklace, earrings and a bracelet? These are all classic accessories that greatly enhance your overall look. As great and versatile as they are, these are not the only ones you can use to make this special day even more special.

Wedding shawls are a fantastic way to stylishly accessorise your look. In cases of winter weddings, they also provide much-needed warmth. Wedding shawls are large scarves. They are usually worn draped over the shoulders, but can also be styled in many other ways. All the intricacies of wearing a wedding shawl depend on what your bridal gown looks like. 

Some gowns are decorated with subtle and delicate needlework. Others tend to be very simple, with minimal ornamentations. Some gowns are pure white, while others incorporate off-white or accent colours in their designs. As such, matching a scarf is an important aspect. If your wedding dress is intricately decorated, a simpler shawl will help it stand out. Alternatively, a simple gown will help your more decorative shawls catch even more eyes.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be your wedding. Whether you’re a guest or a bridesmaid, you can benefit greatly from adding a scarf to your outfit. A beautiful shawl would also make an absolutely fantastic gift. Below, we have listed our best scarves for the wedding occasion.

Our best pick for a bride

This cashmere scarf is a perfect choice for a bride. It comes in two colour variations. A pure, elegant ivory white and an off-white ecru. These two colour options are very versatile when it comes to enhancing the look of your bridal gown.

Most featherlike cashmere scarf

The scarf is also among our lightest products. Its fine quality and unparalleled softness will give the feeling of being embraced by soft, puffy clouds. The underlying elegance and modesty emanating from our scarf are almost palpable. Since this shawl is plain and not decorated we recommend using it with a decorated gown. Or, wear it with a plain gown as well and create an eye-catching contrast with jewellery. Whether you choose to wear this scarf draped or tied, the feather cashmere wrap is the perfect choice for a wedding accessory.

  • Feather Cashmere Wrap Ivory

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  • Feather Cashmere Wrap Ecru

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Our best pick for bridesmaids

Whenever our clients are looking for shawls for bridesmaids, they usually choose this one. Our two-tone reversible cashmere shawl is an elegant accessory for bridesmaids. It is very warm and comfortable, perfect for a long day-and-night festivity. This scarf is also very light and can be styled depending on your needs. It is finished with a cluster of tassels at each end for elegance. At the same time, the subtlety of the two colour tones does not overwhelm the outfit, making it a classy accessory.

Most giftable cashmere scarf

At the same time, this two-tone cashmere scarf makes a great wedding gift. When choosing a scarf to gift, you have to consider which colour variations will be the best to use with everyday outfits. We recommend the charcoal variant as a very versatile and fit-all accessory. It will surely blend together well with most styles. On the other hand, the mulberry colour pattern really pops out. It is a great contrasting piece, which will add the very desired colourful accent to your outfits.

  • Two-Tone Reversible Cashmere Shawl Charcoal

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  • Two-Tone Reversible Cashmere Shawl Mulberry

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Our best pick for guests

The guests have a bit more leeway when choosing a scarf to accent their outfits with. Still, even though many more colour options are available for guests, the general rules for choosing a fitting shawl still apply. If your dress is delicately embroidered, pick a shawl that will not overpower it. If you have a more plain dress, either choose a scarf that will contrast it with a pop of colour, or one in a similar colour palette that will blend in nicely.

Most smart casual cashmere scarf

Take a look at our more casual scarves such as this cross pattern twill cashmere scarf. Its monochrome pattern fits in nicely with all types of grey-adjacent outfits. At the same time, the stylish cross pattern makes it really stand out, rather than blend in. Meanwhile, this tartan plaid cashmere scarf provides more versatility. Depending on the colour variation of your choice it can serve both as a colourful accent, or fit in and blend with your outfit without overwhelming it.

  • Cross Pattern Twill Cashmere Scarf Monochrome

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    Tartan Plaid Cashmere Scarf Seal

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