Oats & Rice is a sustainable textile brand offering home and fashion accessories

Oats & Rice collection was nurtured in the mindset of sustainable and quality lifestyle. We offer one of a kind handwoven wool rugs from Tibet and premium quality cashmere scarves made in Mongolia. Our love for natural fibre has led us on the path of building sustainable supply chain with animal welfare in mind. We believe in “buy less buy better” principle. Every product we sell is long lasting and environmentally friendly. We also use fully recyclable packaging. At Oats & Rice the designs are subtle but infused with stories, memories and traditions. We stand in support of local craftsmanship, passed down through generations.

Oats & Rice founder created the company in 2015, short after graduating from Winchester School of Art in the UK. She threw herself into traditional textile business with outpouring curiosity and passion.

In the Kawashima Textile School in Kyoto she studied kasuri (ikat) weaving technique. She also trained under a watchful eye of Japanese shifu weaving master to grasp the art of turning paper into thread.

Her textile journey took her to Tibet where she found a deep connection with the local culture and discovered traditional rug weaving. The latest stop on this natural fibre journey was Inner Mongolia, where she established the sustainable cashmere supply chain we use today.

This journey set the foundation of what Oats & Rice is today. Textile is much more than just the end product. There are many local communities involved in different stages of production. From collecting the raw fibre, spinning the yarn, dying it, to finally weaving a remarkable piece.

We are thoughtful of the whole process and strive to have the minimum possible impact on natural environment. We support fair trade with skilful local makers and aim to preserve regional craftsmanship and traditions.

Textile is a record of time. It tells many stories. It’s touched by many hands. That’s why we celebrate and invest in what’s behind the final product.

Bringing people together and creating beautiful long-lasting textiles is what we have been doing in the last five years. Yet, there is so much more to explore. More crafts and techniques, more traditional designs, more captivating stories.

We will continue using textile to connect you to this beautiful world. Join us on this one of a kind journey through life!