How to style sarong as a beach coverup

Sarongs are versatile pieces of clothing with a vast history. They’ve been in use for centuries in many regions of Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands.

The sarong has become a staple in summer wear. Their significant size allows them to be tied in many exciting ways. Styling a sarong at first may seem complicated, but you’ll be a master in a blink of an eye with a bit of practice.

The most common way to style a sarong for the beach is by wearing it as a short, triangle skirt. To achieve this look fold the sarong diagonally in half to form a triangle shape. Then, simply wrap it around your waist and tie a knot on the side, on one of your hips. If you prefer longer skirts, skip the first step completely. This wrap is a classic way to cover up your lower body swimwear. It also leaves a slit for one leg, which not only makes the outfit comfortable to walk in but also sexy to look at.

Another way would be to style an open-front cardigan. Take your sarong, and drape it lengthwise over your shoulders. Then, simply wrap the top corners behind your back, and voilà. This outfit covers you from the back while emphasizing your swimsuit, and your body shape, from the front.

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Our best outfit picks for tropical island

Tropical island and beach outfits may not be too dissimilar to each other at the first glance. However, the tropics carry a different, exotic feeling. Something that calls for more stylized outfits. While the same styles as those mentioned in the previous section still work, let’s explore some more sophisticated fits.

Let’s start with a differently knotted skirt. The midi skirt styling requires additional knots but rewards you with a much more exotic look. Firstly, wrap the long end of your sarong around your waist and tie a double knot on your hip. Then, take the bottom edge to the same side you just knotted. Wrap it around your waist and tie a knot on your other hip.

But sarongs are great for more than just making skirts out of them. There are many ways to tie them into fantastic dresses. For a tropical style, look no further than a side slit dress. Grab the ends of the shorter side of your sarong, wrap the fabric around your back, and knot these ends right above your bust.

Next, you’ll need to take enough excess fabric, close to your waist area and knot it in front of you. As the last step, take that knot and move it, so it rests comfortably at your side, creating the side slit.

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Our best resort-style outfit choices

A sarong can also be tied into a fantastic outfit you can wear to a beachside bar. The halter dress outfit might be the best one for the job. To tie a standard halter dress wrap your sarong on your back, bringing the two corners under your arms, so they are in front of you. Cross them on your chest, then bring them back, behind your neck, and tie them together.

You can also style this outfit in a different way, for a more unique look. Start by holding your sarong in front of you. Tie the top corners of the shorter edge on the back of your neck in a double knot. Twist your sarong in front, so it creates a keyhole. Gather some loose fabric at your waist, wrap it around your back, and tie it together.

You may also leverage the size of your sarong to create a strapless dress. Wrap the sarong around your back, and bring the two corners to the front. Then twist the two corners around each other, pull them tight, wrap them under your chest, and knot them together.

Remember that there are so many ways to tie a sarong, that it is impossible to list them all. With creativity and experimentation, you’re more than certain to discover new wraps to enhance your own style.

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