Charcoal and Grey Cashmere Scarves

Charcoal and Grey Cashmere Scarves

Greys are classic colours found all around the natural world. They take their rightful place in our grey and charcoal cashmere scarves collection. These neutrals are as striking as the sky over Cornwall’s coastal towns and ports, from where we drew the inspiration.

Inspirations for Our Charcoal and Grey Collection

Colour Palette Inspiration

Mousehole, a small fishing town in Cornwall, in the west of England, inspired this neutral yet lively collection. Grey skies are the norm here, but instead of striking a dreary note, they brought us calm creativity and so are the basis for this palette. As we gathered shells along the beach, enwrapped in thick charcoal scarves, shades of grey came in a wide array of light and bold tones. The weathered shells are a reminder of the cool and moody climate, accompanying the grey skies so often hanging above the Cornwall coast. There is a calmness to the grey mornings, allowing for the world to speak without interruption. Grey is plentiful in Mousehole. From the stones on houses to the paint on boats to the sky reflected in the water and even the fish pulled from the sea. Grey is a constant companion to citizens of this remote town.

Nowadays grey has come to represent cleanliness, modernity, and simple beauty. From barely there greys to deep charcoals, these colours are bold without being flashy. They’re neutrals that can make a statement.

Our collection, from our barely grey scarf to a deep charcoal cashmere scarf, is created to be beautiful and reflect the inspirations we found in these calm moments.

Styling Advice

Grey and charcoal are the perfect styling companions, without being too neutral. They add colour without being pushy or overt. Charcoal is a dark neutral without the stark contrast of black, while silver adds life to the pale brightness of white. Dark grey, light grey, and everything in between makes an appearance in our collection.

The best thing about a soft grey scarf is its versatility. From charcoal to off-white, the perfect grey wool scarf exists for everyone. Whether you want to pair it with something black, white, or colourful, grey goes with everything, especially other greys. An oversized charcoal cashmere scarf is the perfect basic to have in your closet’s arsenal. It will never go out of style.

Tartan wrap with fringe adds extra personality and texture to a sleek outfit. A charcoal shawl can be the perfect thing to wrap around your shoulders on a cool morning with a cup of tea in hand. A grey patterned scarf gives the eye more excitement. Our grey and charcoal cashmere scarves are the perfect, not so neutral, accessory all year round.