Black and White Cashmere Scarves

Black and White Cashmere Scarves

Black and white are two of the most timeless colours in fashion and for a good reason. They compliment each other and every other colour perfectly. Our collection features the classic pairing of black and white with a range of ivories and creams from the softest cashmere. It ranges from the simplicity of pure white keyhole scarf and a bold scarf in Savannah print with everything in between.

Whether you are looking for a monotone neutral, a traditional monochrome pattern, or something in the middle, our collection has something for you.

Inspirations for Our Black and White Collection

Colour Palette Inspiration

Black and white colours have traditionally represented the dichotomy of the world, night and day, yin and yang, the contrasts of life. These were the colours of media, of days gone by, simpler times, and romance. They contrast each other so vividly in life and in art. Our collection maximizes on the beauty and simplicity of black and white in art and the world.

In Copenhagen, white bricks and the Bauhaus style give the architecture a distinct and juxtaposed aesthetic. The white of homemade cottage cheese strained through a cheesecloth holds depth of colour and depth of history. Black and white photos of Paris evoke a sentiment of romance and nostalgia whether they are vintage or contemporary. White cherry blossoms blooming in Japan are a soft and stark contrast from the stoic black and white presence of Mount Fuji rising in the background.

Black and white stand in opposition but evoke similar emotions and memories. Their intensity alone is built upon when combined. Our collection embraces their singular and combined attributes through our simple and bold black and white cashmere scarves. A simple cashmere scarf in white speaks as much volume as a black and white twill gingham. Each scarf speaks to the contrasting emotions evoked by these simple neutrals.

Styling Advice

The parents of all neutrals, black and white, are a classic combination used to effectively emphasize one another. Black and white starkly could not be better partners. Standing on their own, they are beautiful. Many think white and black are plain, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. They bring depth and beauty to the other when paired, or accent bright colours.

An off-white or ivory scarf could be the perfect addition to a wedding dress or tuxedo for a winter ceremony. White scarves are the perfect addition to an outfit of any colour. Brighten up a black dress, add light to a colour, or keep it ethereal with a white on white colour scheme.

You can dive into the nostalgia of yesteryears by wrapping up in long scarves like someone out of a Hendrick Avercamp painting. Wrap a black or white shawl around your shoulders to contrast the changing leaves as you enjoy an autumn stroll.

A knitted scarf is the perfect and timeless way to stay warm on cold winter nights. Nothing can compete with the beauty and comfort of a white and beige cashmere scarf anytime of the year. It brings a touch of elegance. Scarves of black or white or a combination of the two are unisex and work beautifully for either. Our collection of cashmere scarves underlines the vast and contrasting emotions of black and white.