How to wear a blanket scarf

This question often crosses the minds of new blanket scarf owners, as well as people who are thinking of getting one for themselves. In this short article, we’ll explain the basics of what blanket scarves are, how to style them, and why they’re amazing pieces to own. 

What is a blanket scarf?

Blanket scarves are versatile pieces of clothing. They serve as fashionable outfit accessories, making you so much more stylish, and keeping you warm during colder days. The size of these scarves is much larger than regular ones. Blanket scarves, as their name suggests, can also serve you as blankets. With blanket scarves, you get both a great outfit accessory and something to make you cosy at home. That’s a two-in-one package.

Best ways to style a blanket scarf

Wearing a blanket scarf is not so straightforward. It all depends on how you want to express yourself and what you want to wear with it. There are dozens of ways to style a blanket scarf for any occasion. Let’s take a look at some of the best and most popular styling options.

Like a shawl

Thanks to the size of blanket scarves, they are practically made to be worn in this way. Wearing a blanket scarf over the shoulders, upper body, and arms is very comfortable, fashionable, and needs little to no styling.

Even rectangles over shoulders

Another simple way to style your blanket scarf. Fold it in half, and place it on your shoulders. The sides should make rectangles that hang on your chest. This style exudes confidence and a high sense of fashion.

Infinity scarf

Wrap the blanket scarf around your neck, until it’s fully covered. You can also tie a knot and tuck it under the wrapped scarf for a more interesting look.

Make an asymmetrical tail

One half of the scarf will go around your neck, while the other hangs loosely. The long, loose end is sure to grab attention.

Or, an asymmetrical wrap

You can achieve this look in several ways. Whether you allow more fabric to hang on one side, or tuck one end in, make sure one side of you is covered more than the other.

 As a cardigan

Wrap it around your body, as if you’re wearing a cardigan. Make sure you leave enough space to move your arms and remember to secure the scarf with a belt.

Classic kerchief

And for the last style, we’ll create a different wrap. Cross two opposite corners of the blanket scarf behind your neck, and wrap them together under the triangle in the front. You may also fluff up the scarf around your neck for a more unique look.

Why do we love blanket scarves?

There are so many reasons for it, and once you decide to incorporate blanket scarves into your outfits, you will not want to go back. They are versatile and can fit your style in most situations. The way you tie, drape, and knot them, will give your outfits so much personality and uniqueness. They keep you warm and cozy, wherever you are, even when you’re not on the road, but rather reading a good book at home.

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