Burnt Orange Cashmere Scarf Colour Guide

Burnt orange is a colour that deserves more recognition. It is darker than the regular, vibrant orange, yet not as dark as to become a brown colour. Burnt orange symbolises warmth and comfort. The colour is also associated with creativity, happiness, and fascination. In fashion, burnt orange is very expressive. It is the perfect foundation for your outfits or a fantastic accessory to compliment your style. Burnt orange can be a fantastic colour to wear throughout the entire year. It all depends on how we combine it with other colours.

Burnt orange may be seen as a very loud colour, as such many people find it difficult to use it in everyday outfits. But you have to remember, that rust orange, which is an orange-brown colour, was quite trendy just a few years ago, in 2018. And even earlier, in the 1970’s it was a common colour for interior decorations. There is a lot to talk about burnt orange and after reading this article, you will surely find a new appreciation for this fantastic colour. Let’s begin, shall we?

What is burnt orange?

You may not even realise it, but the burnt orange colour has an interesting history. Burnt orange, together with other orange shades was often used in paintings. Many well-known artists throughout history, like Van Gogh, Raphael, and Toulouse-Lautrec often used orange hues in their art. The burnt orange colour was officially named in 1915. This however wasn’t without a bit of controversy. The University of Texas and Auburn University disagreed on the exact hue of the colour. Auburn University insisted that burnt orange has a slight blue undertone. Meanwhile, the University of Texas claimed that burnt orange is a secondary colour, with no blue undertones. This is still a disputed subject, as various sources claim different RGB values for burnt orange. However, the Texan claim is the more popular one, which is why burnt orange is also known as “Texas orange”.

What colour matches well with burnt orange?

Burnt orange has some great matches. Here are just a few of them:

  • Blue hues are complementary to orange ones. For burnt orange, it’s primarily azure, but you can achieve significant effects by combining this orange with regular denim.
  • Similarly, mint green is also a vibrant colour, that creates strong, eye-catching contrast with burnt orange.
  • On the other hand, grey, and black help tone the outfit down creating a more serious and sophisticated look.
  • Or combine it with reds and greens for an autumn-specific palette.

Season that celebrate burnt orange

Throughout the article, we have been frequently mentioning autumn and that is no coincidence. Orange is a colour that immediately makes us think about autumn. After all, mother nature blesses our eyes with all shades of orange during this season. Even the autumn holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving are associated with orange hues. It is in autumn when burnt orange really shines. Burnt orange really breaks the negative connotations of this season. With such a vibrant and welcoming hue, it warms our hearts and souls during rainy and cold days.

Our lovely burnt orange cashmere scarves

If you feel the need to add some burnt orange to your wardrobe, you’re in the right place. Our cashmere scarves and shawls are both great centrepieces, and accessories for your outfits. Their soft and cosy fabric is sure to keep you warm during colder seasons. Check out this plain scarf, or the two-coloured one for example. Or keep your head warm with our fashionable hat.

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