Orange and Red Cashmere Scarves

Orange and Red Cashmere Scarves

Red and orange are playful colours for those with bold and adventurous souls. This collection capitalizes on the vitality of life by featuring reds, oranges, purples, and pinks in their full range.

Layers of reds, purples, and oranges are combined in patterns of tartan plaid and check. A dash of white adds a bright contrast to a brick red cashmere scarf. These scarves will speak to the lovers of life as colours play on the warm and cheerful cashmere.

Enjoy our selection of scarves in red, pink, orange, purple and similar colours.

Inspirations for Our Orange and Red Collection

Colour Palette Inspiration

Red is an important colour in many cultures and conveys deep emotions. It can be found all around Japan in nature, clothing, architecture, and more. This collection honours the deeply rooted history, tradition, and symbolism of red by embracing the richness of its hues.

At the Kawashima Textile School in Kyoto, madder root is used to dye fibers in various tones of red. From mauve, light pink, to deep red, vibrant yarn is used to create beautiful pieces of art.

Koyasan is home to a majestic temple in the Wakayama Prefecture, which is surrounded by naturally occurring oranges and reds. In the fall, orange moss is a bright contrast from the dark grey stones it grows upon. Koyasan is home to maple forests, which have bright red leaves in the spring before transforming into a greenish, coppery red in the summer and fall. We did our best to incorporate these tones into our orange cashmere scarves.

Bright red poppies bloom in late spring around the world. Poppies turn Sainokuni Fureai Farm’s grasslands into a vast red carpet every year in Saitama Prefecture.

The Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto is a well known part of a shinto shrine composed of thousands of vermilion torii gates guests can walk through as they meander the pathways.

Geisha are highly respected in Japanese culture. Their bright red lips are painted to give the illusion of a flower bud. Red is a part of life in Japan, and we honour its tradition and natural beauty in our collection of bright red scarves.

Styling Advice

Walking the streets of Kyoto or through the maple forests in Koyasan is not possible every day. We want to give people a piece of that world through our orange and red collection of designer cashmere scarves.

Combining emotion and beauty is a part of this collection. In our burnt orange wrap, dusty pink chiffon scarf, red scarf with fringe, and more, you will find stunning comfort in each of the soft cashmere pieces. Red and orange are dynamic colours, and the variations they create give so much range to create beautiful pieces full of life and playfulness. Purple, ruby, rose, magenta, and eggplant make their presence known in our tartans, checks, and simple basics. Each of these pieces is perfectly created to add colour and fun any time of the year.

If a poppy field is too far away in early June, wrap a bright red chiffon scarf around your shoulders as a reminder of nature’s wonders. Snuggle up with a magenta tartan plaid to warm up during the blustery cold winter months. You will never wonder where to buy red cashmere scarves again, because our collection is full of that something special. Just for you.