Blue Cashmere Scarf Colour Guide

Blue is one of the most important colours in the world. It is one of the pillars of the RGB colour theory. But it’s not just physics that shows us the importance of blue in our lives. Take a look outside. Provided it’s not completely cloudy, what you see above you is our beautiful blue sky. Even if it’s currently raining, think about which colour we associate with water. Blue is a cold colour, often associated with productivity, stability, calmness, and also royalty.

Blue is often used in bathrooms, but also in office spaces. The colour was proven to increase productivity and help with focus. In the past, it was also the colour of royalty and high arts because blue pigments were rare and expensive. Although this colour is equally loved by men and women, it is culturally tied to masculinity. In fashion, blue is a revolutionary hue. From the XVIIIth century French nobility to the most beloved jeans we’ve been wearing for over 150 years. Blue has proven its fashion power and versatility for years.

What is blue?

With such rich history, how can we accurately describe the colour blue? The best way is to turn to our hearts and imagination. Picture yourself during early winter. The time, when the cold begins to grasp the world, but snow has not yet covered the entire landscape. It’s morning, and you’re standing on the beach. The subtle mist gently encompasses you. The waters are mostly calm, with the occasional small wave hitting the shore, creating a bit of sea foam. The local fishermen are working hard, while winter enjoyers are happily jumping into the cold waters. The local artist looks outside the window of his coast-side cottage and begins work on a painting, trying to capture this serene scene. Blue represents the calmness and harmony of this scene. As well as the motivation and productivity of the people mentioned in it.

What colour matches well with blue?

Blue matches excellently with many other colours. Some of the best matches are:

  • Greens go very well with blues, just picture lush trees and a clear sky above them.
  • Orange is a great match when used sparingly. It contrasts with blue, meaning it will be drawing a lot of attention.
  • White and blue is a classic, timeless colour combination.
  • Sandy yellow and light pink are also really good natural feeling matches. They bring the feelings of beaches, right to you.

Season that celebrates blue

Blue is a colour that’s ubiquitous regardless of the seasons. Whether it’s the clear skies, blooming flowers, or calm waters, blue exists everywhere and at all times. However, blue is mostly associated with winter. It should come as no surprise since blue is the main cold colour. Blue is an ‘’icy’’ hue and the colour itself has the effect of lowering our pulse and body temperature. This is also what happens to our bodies in the winter.

Our lovely blue cashmere scarves

If you’re feeling a bit cold after reading our article, this may be a sign that you need a warm scarf to wrap around your neck. Our blue scarves are anything but cold. They will not only keep you warm inside and outside, but they are also super fashionable and make great accessories for your outfits, no matter the time of year.