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Cashmere Scarves – The Perfect Christmas Gift

Nothing makes us quite as jolly as the Christmas season. The snowy landscapes, cute decorations, and most importantly of all, gift giving. If you want to make those closest to you really happy this Christmas, we have a gift idea for you.

Whether your friends & family are avid cashmere lovers or have yet to own a cashmere product, a cashmere scarf will make the greatest gift not only for winter but all year long.

Why Cashmere Scarves Make Such Great Christmas Gifts?

It’s cold outside and the falling snowflakes are gently tapping on your windows carried by the whistling wind. There is a myriad of tiny, brightly-coloured lights visible outside the window flickering, moving as if caught in a dance. They are decorative lights hanging on your neighbour’s homes. The scene is so serene and beautiful that it makes you want to grab a cup of hot chocolate, curl up on the couch, and enjoy the view.

You turn around and grab your cup from the table. The chocolate is still warm, a gentle steam mist flowing out of the cup and disappearing into thin air. Suddenly, the wind howls sharply, throwing the freshly falling snow with great force. And as quickly as it happened, the wind subsides.

But it was enough to send cold shivers through your entire body. The hot chocolate and the burning fireplace are not enough for you now. You start feeling cold. With but a moment, winter has you in its grasp.

But then, your mom hands you a small, neatly packed gift, and asks you to open it. You unwrap it and inside you find a folded scarf. It’s very light, soft, and beautiful. Thankful, you immediately wrap the scarf around you to find at least a bit of warmth.

But it’s more than you imagined. Even though you’re standing close to the window, you feel as cozied up, as if you were wrapped up in a blanket, sitting close to the fireplace. And the scarf weighs almost nothing and is as soft as a cloud. You wrap yourself up a bit more, taking in the gentle feeling of cashmere on your skin. You’ve just been gifted this scarf. But you already know it’s your favorite one you own.

That’s why the gift of a cashmere scarf is the greatest one.

Christmas Colours

There are colours that fit Christmas more than others. And while white reminds us of snow, and red makes us think of Santa, there are still other hues that are perfect for the season.

Our chosen collection of Christmas scarves is perfect as a gift for others and even for yourself. Here are some of the scarves we recommend for the jolly Christmas season.

Forest green

Green is the colour of nature that perseveres even in harsh winter. We can see it in the Christmas tree, mistletoes, and holly. Green symbolizes good luck and health for the holidays and the new year.

Burnt orange

Burnt orange is the colour of the setting sun. As an off-red hue, we can interpret it as a colour of love, courage, and romance. It also represents warmth and comfort.

Our burnt orange cashmere scarves come in a couple of colour variations. But no matter which one you choose, they are sure to make you feel safe, warm, and cozy.

The golden hue of mustard yellow is the light to cast away the darkness of long winter nights. It represents wealth and prosperity, as gold was one of the gifts brought to the newborn baby Jesus.

Mustard yellow

These yellow scarves are glamorous and fashionable. With a proper outfit, our yellow scarves will highlight your presence as if you shone like a rising sun, marking the start of a new day.

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