Beige and Brown Cashmere Scarves

 Beige and Brown Cashmere Scarves

The popularity of beige and brown scarves can’t be denied, and for good reason! Neutral colour palette, matching effortlessly with almost any fashion creation, makes them a staple accessory in many wardrobes. Make sure to have one in yours too!

We worked hard to develop a collection of versatile scarves in many tones of beiges and browns, while keeping them interesting in their own right. You won’t find boring here, but quality, vision and that extra bit of luxury to perk up your day.

Enjoy our selection of scarves in brown, beige, ecru, oatmeal, hazelnut and similar colours.

Inspirations for Our Beige and Brown Collection

Colour Palette Inspiration

Warmth exudes from beiges and browns. We like to think of these cozy colours as nature’s hug to humanity. These neutrals add warmth, comfort, and charm to any room, outfit, or mood. Impossibly lightweight scarves in the palest beige keep the collection grounded in simplicity. While beige and cream gingham adds a twist to the classic pattern. Tartan plaid makes an appearance to pay homage to tradition and add colour and flare. Our collection embraces their depth and comfort with our sustainably made cashmere scarves.

From the sun’s rays to the wood behind tree bark to the creaminess of milk to the deep browns in the dirt of earth, these colours radiate home, warmth, and comfort. Beiges and browns infuse themselves in life. They are the most loved tones by nature’s paintbrush. These colours are found in cultures and regions all around the world. From Japan to Cotswolds, ranges of beige and brown bring depth to the world.

We drew inspiration for this collection from the often overlooked items of simple beauty. An old clay pot sitting in a garden as it is illuminated by the light of the golden hour. A hand fanning themselves from the oppressive summer heat with a bamboo fan. The stunningly painted gates with luffa plants, insects, and nature shuttered over businesses in the Kyoto’s famous Nishiki Market. The wool of Kerry sheep before they are sheared. Cottages built out of warm stone in the Cotswolds. These were all inspiration for this collection. From a simple beige scarf to classic tartan plaid to a variety of deep brown cashmere scarves, there is something warm and cozy for everyone and every occasion. They guarantee to be a stunning and timeless addition to your wardrobe.

Styling Advice

Nothing says comfort and warmth quite like wrapping yourself in a soft and elegant cashmere wool scarf in subtle tonal ranges of beige.

These are the perfect colours for any time of year. As neutrals they compliment other colours. They can brighten a dark outfit, add depth to a bright one, or bring dimension and contrast to bright clothing. Cashmere scarf design is about creating balance between colour, texture, and pattern. This collection has a balance of light brown, dark chocolate, cream, taupe, and everything in between.

Our aim is to find balance between simplicity, tradition, and pattern. There is a beauty in the simplicity of these colours and patterns. They reflect our sense of timeless and sustainable fashion.

Chiffon is an elegant addition to outfits on warm summer days when the evenings bring a cool breeze. The gauze texture is lightweight enough to create beautiful volume without adding much weight. A blanket scarf brings weight and an oversized quality perfect for wrapping tightly around shoulders or tucking into laps on cold winter afternoons. Any of our beige and brown cashmere scarf designs are perfect gifts for all occasions for the loved ones in your life.