Green and Blue Cashmere Scarves

Blue and Green Cashmere Scarves

Our collection of blue and green cashmere scarves is made from the softest yarn. You will stay warm and cozy wrapped up in any of our colourful pieces. If you’re looking for something bold in our blue cashmere scarves or cool and simple with a green scarf, this collection has something to match. The high quality will be abundantly clear as the soft texture of cashmere brushes against your skin. Each piece is sustainably created to last and please. Whether you choose them for style because of their unique colours or for comfort and warmth, this collection won’t disappoint.

Inspirations for Our Green and Blue Collection

Colour Palette Inspiration

What we wear says a lot about who we are. Colour is one of the most eye catching and statement making aspects of any outfit. Colour can tell the world about your personality, mood, desires, and more. Blues and greens are often associated with water, nature, and serenity, but these colours can also be bold and fun. We derived inspiration for this collection from nature.

Looking to forests in the midst of their growing season for moss green and its colourful neutrality. Precious gemstones inspired the deep emerald green for a bolder insinuation of colour. Foaming oceans bridged the gap between greens and blues with their teal overtures adding both life and calm into our collection. A light blue sky on a cloudless day is the pigment that become a staple in our wardrobes. Turquoise gemstones are treasured by cultures around the world. This colour is bold, bright, and inspires joy. A turquoise scarf adds an instant explosion of personality to your look. The sky after sunset as it turns from blue to black prompted navy and dark blue to tiptoe their way into our scarves colour palette.

Blues and greens play first fiddle in this collection. From inspirations of nature’s serenity in the skies, seas, and forests to precious stones created by nature herself, our collection symbolizes the everyday beauty surrounding us.

Styling Advice

Our blue and green scarf collection is sustainably made out of the finest cashmere yarn from Mongolia. They’re perfect for casual wear, staying warm, dressing up, or adding a pop of colour. Our collection ranges from light summer scarves to heavier cashmere for the colder months.

Summer is the perfect occasion for a lighter version of the winter staple. A teal summer scarf wrapped around your shoulders is such a stylish addition to any neutral outfit or white dress. A chiffon wrap is a timeless way to keep your hair in order on a breezy summer evening, on a bicycle ride, or cruising in a convertible. Light scarves in blue and green are a lovely way to add a touch of classic whimsy to any summer outfit.

Classic scarves are most often worn in the autumn and winter when strong, biting winds blow. They add a touch of colour wrapped around the shoulders or neck while keeping warm. A large scarf in a square shape makes a lovely shawl when folded in half to form a triangle on chilly autumn afternoons instead of a bulky coat. Fall is the perfect time to embrace darker tones.

Winter and the holiday season are full of occasions to style deviate from the classic reds and grays with a deep green or a bright blue. Enjoy your next party by adding a beautiful green or blue cashmere scarf to a simple black dress to stay cozy and brighten the look up.