Sage Green Cashmere Scarf Colour Guide

Sage green is a very interesting colour, that offers great versatility, despite what you may think at first. It is a light green, combined with a subtle yellow undertone. The colour’s name is derived from the ”sage” plant. Sage green is a cool colour, but because of its light hue, it is still a bright, and sunny colour. The colour is often associated with wisdom, calmness, peace, and nature. It can serve well both as the main colour of your outfit or as an accent.

You may usually find sage green as a popular colour in houses. Walls painted with sage green make the space feel welcoming and peaceful. Earthy colours like sage green are also very popular in fashion. But how should you use it? Which colours are good, and which are a bad fit with it? There is a lot of information we need to present to fully explain sage green. So without further prolonging, here’s all you need to know about sage green.

What is sage green?

We already stated what type of colour sage green is, but what about the feelings it creates? Colours speak to our hearts and we must look at them through our hearts as well. Sage green is a gentle breeze of fresh morning wind in a forest in spring. It’s in every plant, every leaf, and every blade of grass that surround you. It guides you to every speck of different colours. Every yellow, blue, red, and violet flower grows in the endless field of light green grass. It is also like freshly picked herbs, still slightly wet from the morning rain. These herbs are the perfect key to unlocking the true, stunning flavour of many dishes. And sage green is the perfect key to unlocking the full potential of your outfits. This feeling of being close to nature, overall peacefulness, and calmness is exactly what sage green represents.

What colour matches well with sage green?

Sage green has some great matches. Here are just a few of them:

  • Blues and yellows are great hues that go well with sage green. Mix them to create a well-balanced outfit look
  • Since yellows are a good fit, so are golds. Gold is arguably the best accent to add to a primarily sage green outfit.
  • Because sage green is such a light colour it matches very well with white.
  • Sage green contrasts with mauve hues, so when used sparingly it can create an eye-catching accent. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm one colour with the other.

Season that celebrates sage green

When we were explaining the expressions behind the sage green, we mentioned spring. This is quite an obvious connection. Spring is the season we associate with greens overall. Spring is the season of rebirth, during which nature returns to life after cold winter. It is a harmonious time, full of peace. Because of its ties to nature and in particular spring, sage green is also a colour connected to femininity. After all, Nature is a fantastic Mother.

Our lovely sage green cashmere scarves

If you feel the need to enhance your wardrobe with some sage green tones, you’re in the right place. Our cashmere scarves and shawls are both great centrepieces, and accessories for your outfits. These light and cosy garments are definitely going to make you feel at peace and closer to nature.