Why is cashmere so good? Our favourite properties that make it special.

What is it that makes cashmere so distinctive, so irresistibly special? Let’s explore the allure of this unparalleled material, uncovering its unique properties and the significant benefits, which we, at Oats & Rice, treasure the most.

The Unparalleled Softness, Comfort, and Luxury Feel of Cashmere

When you brush your fingertips against a cashmere piece, it’s a symphony of touch—a sensation of buttery smoothness that seems to envelop you in a cocoon of comfort and warmth. But what exactly is cashmere, and why does it invoke such a divine sensory response?

Cashmere originates from the undercoat of the Kashmir goat, a breed that thrives in the frigid landscapes of Mongolia, China, and Iran. Each spring, these goats are combed to collect the downy under-fleece, which is painstakingly separated from the coarser outer hair. This manual process yields a modest quantity—just a few hundred grams from each goat per year—adding a layer of exclusivity to this sought-after material.

Is cashmere really so soft?

Absolutely! Swathing yourself in a cashmere wrap is akin to wearing a cloud—light, luxurious, and oh-so-soft. It’s a transformative addition to any ensemble, its presence alone elevating an outfit from the everyday to the extraordinary. Whether you’re attending an elegant soirée or simply running errands, a touch of cashmere can infuse a hint of sophistication into your day.

“My new scarf is beyond amazing. It’s unbelievably soft, like a gentle hug around my neck. Never knew a scarf could feel so soft!”

— Olivia W. from London, UK

Unmatched Warmth in a Lightweight Package

Yet, the charm of cashmere extends beyond its heavenly softness. Despite its featherweight nature, cashmere has remarkable insulating properties—three times more effective than regular wool. This superior warmth-to-weight ratio owes its credit to the unique structure of cashmere fibres, which create tiny pockets of air, trapping heat close to your body.

An Insulator Par Excellence

So, how does this translate to your wardrobe? Picture the crisp days of autumn or the biting chills of winter. With cashmere, you can ward off the cold without bundling up in bulky layers. A sleek cashmere sweater or a chic wrap effortlessly couples with your ensemble, providing you with a cocoon of warmth that doesn’t compromise on style.

“Surviving the cold in Chicago with my @OatsAndRice cashmere scarf. So light, yet keeps me super warm. ❄️ #CashmereLove

— Sophia from Chicago, USA

Cashmere Durability – The Style That Endures

In an era marked by fast fashion, a phenomenon that has birthed a cycle of buying and discarding, the concept of a forever piece holds more appeal than ever before. Choosing quality over quantity, longevity over the fleeting thrill of the new—this is the antidote to the environmental and ethical issues that plague the fashion industry.

Enter cashmere, a perfect embodiment of this philosophy. Despite its softness, cashmere is surprisingly resilient. With the right care—gentle hand washing, avoiding heat, and storing correctly—a cashmere garment can retain its shape, colour, and exquisite feel for years, even decades.

“2 years and counting with my @OatsAndRice cashmere beanie! 👌💕 Still as beautiful as day one.”

— Siobhan M. from Ireland

Investment in Timeless Elegance

Investing in a cashmere piece is more than a purchase; it’s a commitment to longevity and timeless style. Whether it’s a classic scarf or a snug beanie, a cashmere item can serve as a trusted companion through changing trends and seasons, its elegance ever enduring. As you reach out to that cashmere piece in your wardrobe, know that you’re not just choosing an outfit—you’re participating in a more sustainable fashion narrative.

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