How to extend the life of your cashmere items

Cashmere is one of the favourite materials for the colder seasons. A good cashmere scarf is essential on a snowy day. Quality cashmere is light in weight but durable. You will experience comfortable warmth without feeling too bulky or itchy. If properly maintained, a cashmere scarf can last for years.


Moths are the main threat when storing cashmere garments. Moths love to nibble away at cashmere fibres. If you have moths and you put all of your cashmere (worn or freshly washed) in a tight drawer together, this could be a recipe for disaster. First, always keep your worn and unworn cashmere separate. Don’t stress about worn cashmere; a cedar block can help you ward off these unwelcome guests. Putting cedar blocks in your drawer will not only keep the moths away, but also give your garments a great cedar smell!

Here are some tips for storing cashmere that you have already worn but are not yet ready to wash. You should fold it flat and put it in your wardrobe away from sunlight. Do not hang your cashmere for an extended period of time.


Cashmere pilling is the bobbles that appear due to friction between clothes. Usually, scarves do not pill as much as other clothes because they do not rub against other clothes as much. You can use fabric shavers or small scissors to trim the pills on the cashmere gently. Pilling will happen less after a few rounds of hand washes. In storage, to avoid the pills on cashmere items, keep them far away from surfaces that will cause friction.


If ever your cashmere scarf has a hole and you just can’t let it go, a re-weave repair is possible. After a professional re-weave your scarf will look brand new. However, re-weave service is usually very costly. If you do not want to pay a high price for a professional repair, you can use knitting tools to repair the scarf yourself with a felting needle. You can even repair it in your own style and pattern and create a completely one-of-a-kind piece. You can also use the Sashiko method to do so. It’s a Japanese form of repair. Simply create some beautiful stitch patterns over the hole and just enjoy the process and the unique result.

Can cashmere irritate skin?

Not unless you are allergic to cashmere. Cashmere is one of the softest materials around. Compared to synthetics and wool, cashmere is much softer and more comfortable.

Will cashmere get ruined in the rain?

No, it will not be ruined by the rain. However, if you don’t properly dry the cashmere, it could stretch or shrink.

Will a cashmere scarf stick to my jacket or coat?

No, it won’t stick to your jacket. Unlike synthetic materials that create a lot of static, natural cashmere is anti-static.

How do you keep moths out of cashmere?

Wash your cashmere before storing it away for a long period of time, and keep a few cedar blocks next to it. Moths do not like the smell of cedar blocks and will avoid your wardrobe!