How to hand wash and dry a cashmere scarf

A good cashmere scarf is a luxurious piece of accessory and thus needs proper care. From lightweight all-season scarves to thick and warm winter staples, from supersize to mini-size. Our styles are versatile and guarantee to keep your wardrobe fresh and always in-season.

All cashmere scarves from Oats & Rice are of highest quality. We only select the best cashmere from Inner Mongolia, trusting our craftsmen countless years of experience. Every single piece had undergone rigorous quality assurance to make sure it is extremely soft, but also durable. With proper care, a cashmere scarf can last many years. Use our cashmere scarf care guide, so that you can enjoy Oats & Rice products for a long time.

Hand wash

  1. First choose a mild washing detergent that, designed for wool or specifically for cashmere. Be careful not to use biological detergent since they have enzymes which will destroy the protein fibres of cashmere.
  2. Fill your sink or washing bowl with lukewarm water and then add the suggested amount of detergent, indicated by manufacturer.
  3. Stir the water to mix in the detergent thoroughly, then submerge the scarf in the water for 5-10 minutes.
  4. After soaking squeeze the scarf gently for 3-5 minutes to allow detergent to penetrate and clean the fabric. Do not rub the fabric even if there is stain on it to avoid pulling or tearing individual fibres.

Do not leave the scarf in the water for too long and don’t pull one end of the scarf out of water to avoid stretching.


It’s not recommended to rinse cashmere under running water. Instead, you should fill the sink or washing bucket again with clean and lukewarm water. Then squeeze gently to rinse the detergent out of the fabric. Repeat this step until the water is clear. After the washing rinsing is done, fold the scarf gently into a ball to squeeze the water out. Try not to wring, stretch, or twist it to avoid stretching. Wringing is more harmful to cashmere than even a spin cycle in your washing machine.

Dry flat

We recommend you dry flat your cashmere scarf. Spread it on a dry towel. Spread it well to avoid wrinkles, but be careful not to stretch it. To speed up the process, you can use dry towels to absorb more water first. You can turn it over after a few hours to make the process faster.

You should never tumble dry cashmere as it will shrink. Hanging it to dry is also not recommended, because it will deform the fabric and might create tears. Also remember to keep the cashmere out of direct sunlight or heat while drying.

Do not iron

Once the cashmere is dry, you can iron it if you have to, but only lightly with a cool iron. Do not use a hot iron since it will shrink the cashmere and it will never go back to its original shape.


How often should I wash cashmere?

Do not wash it too often. Natural cashmere fibres don’t require frequent washing. A typical advice for cashmere sweaters is to wash them after 4-6 uses. For scarves however the time between washes could be much longer. If you wear your scarf frequently, you should probably wash it no more than once a month.

Can cashmere be dry cleaned?

Yes, it can, but be careful. Dry cleaning services often uses chemicals to clean the stains. Some of them are harsh to cashmere and shouldn’t be used too often. Hand washing will help you preserve your cashmere much better. We recommend that you only dry clean when you need to deal with a stubborn stain.

Can cashmere be machine washed?

Technically yes, but we wouldn’t recommend it to you. That’s because of higher risk of tearing and stretching your cashmere scarf. Also, the temperature of the washing machines can get high and destroy the fibres. If you have to, remember to use a short spin cycle and cold water and never tumble dry.

Will cashmere shrink if washed?

No, if it is properly washed in lukewarm water and dried flat. Shrinkage happens when the washing or drying temperature is too hot.

Will cashmere stretch?

Cashmere itself has a certain degree of resilience to stretch. However, it does have a threshold and is much more fragile when wet. As long as you don’t pull the cashmere too hard, always dry flat, and do not wring it, it will serve you for a long time.

Can cashmere be felted?

Yes, if you tumble dry. All natural yarns can felt, while synthetics cannot.

How to remove stains from cashmere?

First, hand wash the cashmere following this guide. If it doesn’t work and the stain is just too stubborn, we would recommend you have it dry cleaned.

Can I use fabric softener on cashmere?

No. Fabric softener can actually make your cashmere stiffer. However, you can use a bit of white vinegar to soften your cashmere if you need to.